Krishnagiri Places of Interest

Hosur :

The name Hosur in ‘Kanarese’ means ‘new town’. A large fort situated in this town is ascribed to one ‘captain Hamilton’, and two other prisoners who were compelled by Tippu Sultan to assist in strengthening his forts. The fort has long out ramparts with a moat deep and wide and a glacis carefully levelled. Within the fort precincts, there is a temple called ‘Kottai Mariamman temple’, dedicated to Shakti, is popular among the people of Hosur. Lord Chandrasuryeswarar temple atop a hill is popular and the annual festival is attended by thousands of pilgrims from Karnataka. 

Denkanikottai :

Denkanikottai or Denkanikotta is a panchayat town in Krishnagiri district. It is also called as Thenkanikotai in Tamil. It is an agrarian economy depending on the agricultural output of surrounding villages in its taluk. Vettarayan Swamy Temple (Bettaraya Swamy Temple in Kannada) and Holy Dharga are popular sacred shrines in Denkanikottai. In 1654 A.D., Kantirave Narasa Raja of Srirangapatinam seized Denkanikotta from Gathi Mudaliars. The territory later moved into the hands of Hyder Ali. Later it was part of the struggle between the British and Hyder. This beautiful town has an ancient temple of Beteraya Swamy(vettaiadiya piran in Tamil), this temple is said to be around 500 years old. The annual car festival of this lord is quite famous around the region, this festival happens generally during the month of march and april.The town also boasts the famous Dhargha to lord yarab,this dhargha is well known in the country amongst the muslims. The prestigious hogenakkal falls is just 66km away from Denkanikotta,the way is through the thick forest region of Anchetty ,part of the cauvery elephant reserve.

Krishnagiri Dam:

Krishnagiri dam is situated at a distance of 7 Kms from Krishnagiri. It is in between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri.Thousands of acres of land around Krishnagiri is irrigated with the help of this dam. This is a famous tourist spot too.


Rajaji Memorial :


Thorapalli is in memory of the great leader Rajaji. The Tamil Nadu Government has converted the house in Thorapalli where Rajaji was born, as a memorial. It is located 10 Km from Hosur near Onnalvadi. It was opened on 10-12-1979.Some of his belongings and a photo gallery depicting his various facets of life are displayed here.


Rayakottah :

Rayakottah, a hill fort, situated at a distance of 30 Km from Hosur marks the border of the Palghat plateau. Even after the Mysore wars, for the British it was a strategic place where their troops were stationed till 1861.

Livestock Farm :

The farm at Hosur was started in the year 1824 as Army Remount Depot, by the British people for rearing Horses.  This farm was handed over to the Agricultural Department of Govt. of Madras on 1st September 1924 as a Cattle Breeding Station.  The Farm was subsequently taken over by the Madras Civil Veterinary Department on 1st April 1938 with the object to maintaining the purity of the Indian Milk Breeds of Cattle and to conduct basic research on animal breeding and the Farm was redesigned as Livestock research station.  The farm was renamed  on 1st January 1970. Phone: 04344-262632.

Shaktipeeth Tirth Dham

Shree Parshwa Padmavati Shaktipeeth Tirth Dham - Jain dharma consists of 24 theerthankars. In these 24 theerthankars the 23rd theerthankar is considered to be Swami Parshwanath bhagwan. Today Shaktipeet is the world’s highest (365 ft high) Jain temple adorning images of the Tirthankar Arihanta Paramatmans. 6 km from Krishnagiri. Nearest Railway Station is Dharmapuri. Shree Parshwa Padmavati Nagar, Sadhanpalli, Sundampatti Post, Post: Orappam, Krishnagiri- 635 108, Ph : 04343 329323


25 Km from Hosur situated near the Karnataka state. The area is covered by a number of hills. The climate is chill round the year. It is called Little England. The taluk headquarters is Denkanikottai. The fort at Denkanikottai is built by Palayakarar in 1530 AD.

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