Karaikal Places of Interest

Bhadrakali of Ambagarathur :

The goddess is known to possess enormous powers and ladies normally offer that is in fulfillment of their vows. Her image with 4 arms facing north is made of Terracota. She is always draped in immaculate white cloth measuring 20 mts in length. A 12 day Annual Festival is Conducted in May & June. During that time countless number of devotees will gather there to worship. Laksharchana are conducted on the last Tuesday in the Tamil month of Aadi (July & Aug) and Thai (Jan & Feb). The temple lies 15 kms west of Karaikal in Ambagarathur village of Thirunallar commune, (13.8 km west of Karaikal-Peralam Road) there exists a Badrakaliyamman temple. The temple assumes the name of Goddess Parasakthi who is believed to have killed a Rakshasha by name Ambaran who was killing people day-in and day-out. At the time of killing (vadham) Ambaran was in buffalo form. The place was initially known as Ambara-harattur meaning victory over Ambaran, which subsequently became Ambagarathur.

Boating Club :

 Boating Club is located on the back waters of the Arasalar, Stretching over a distance of just 2 Km from the town. A straight road running along the banks of the river connects the sandy beach and sea banks with the town. The boating club provides peddler and rowing boat to the tourists. There is also a Boat House on the Beach Road. Arasalar Boating Club is located on the backwaters of the Arasalar, Stretching over a distance of 1.75 Kms. from the town. A straight road running along the banks of the river connects the sandy beach and sea with the town. The boating club provides pedal boats, motor boats and rowing boats to the tourists.


Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple :

A lady named Punidhavathi lived in the 5th century A.D. in Karaikal. She was daughter of a Trader and performed spiritual Poojas made to Lord Siva. One day Lord Siva disguised himself as a Saint and appeared before her for taking food in the house of Punidhavathi. She offered food along with one mango which was kept for her husband to the Saint. When the food was supplied to her husband he demanded the mango that he had given to her. For the obedience of husband she prayed the God to set right the matter. Finally the Saint again appeared before the lady and donated the mango. She explained the incident to her husband who in turn praised her devotional attitude and signified her as God. Every year the Legend of Ammaiyar  is observed as a festival by name “ Mangani Festival” conducted in the month of july for a period of one month which attracts a large number of people from far and near. It reveals the salvation attainment of Ammaiyar through

Distance from various places

Chennai 294 Kms
Chidambaram 57 Kms
Kumbakonam 64 Kms
Nagore 10 Kms
Nagappattinam 19 Kms
Puducherry 135 Kms
Thanjavur 103 Kms
Thirunallar 5 Kms
Tiruchirapalli 168 Kms
Thiruvarur 35 Kms
Velankanni 26 Kms
the medium of mango Fruit. Her three devotional compositions are also marvelous pieces of literature and are monumental creations. Punidhavathi who was destined to occupy a prominent place among the sixtythree saints with a name of ‘Karaikal Ammaiyar’. An image of this great lady saint is housed in a small but beautiful temple and is located at Bharathiar Road in the centre of Karaikal. It was constructed in the year 1929 by Malaiperumal Pillai.

Karaikal Dargha :

Muslim festivals, the Kandoori festival in the Karaikal durgha is the most important. The festival is celebrated in honour of Syed Dawood, the muslim saint born at Bukkara, the capital of Turkistan. He came to India in search of his spiritual guide Syed Ahamed Kalkhel Diwan Oliulla of Trichirapalli, spent his last years in Karaikal and passed away on 24-02-1829 (i.e 1244 of the Muslim era) at the ripe age of 120 years. The body was entombed in the durgha at Karaikal where the annual Kandoori festival is celebrated. The festival which is marked by processions, music and dance is brought to a finale with an elaborate display of fire-works.

Karaikal Sandy Beach :

The Karaikal sandy beach is one of the best natural beaches in the South Tamil Nadu. The beach has been given easy accessibility by widening the 2 kms. road along the Arasalar river and by illumination of the road with sodium vapour lamps. In addition to natural sandy beach, a boat jetty in the Arasalar, Childrens Park, Immovable sitting chairs along the roads, Vehicles Parking, Beach Restaurant, Tennis Court are also attracting a heavy crowds.

Karaikovilpattu :

This village referred to as Thiruthelicherry in religious lores. It may then be assumed that this village must have been the abode of an important temple. This is one of the four places in Karaikal region visited by Saint Thirugnanasambandar who sang a pathigam in honour of Sri Parvatheeswaraswamy. Surasmaharam, Vijayadasmi, Kudaimuzhukku and Thiruvadhirai festivals are celebrated.

Karukkalacherry :

3 Km. from Karaikal. Sri Karu Mariamman temple and Sri Vellai Vinayagamurthi temple are the centres of worship in the village.

Keezha Kasakudy :

4 km. north of Karaikal. The famous Kasakkudi copper plates discovered in this village in 1879 by M.J. Delafon and ascribed to Nandivarman-II throw much light on the high cultural level of the people who lived in this part of the country during the Pallava days. The Siva temple in the village is the principal centre of worship.

Kottucherry :

Sri Kodeeswaramudayar temple is the principal place of worship enjoying an ample income. A statue, a broken kuthuvilakku and some other vessels used for temple workship were unearthed from Perumalkoil maidan in this village on 28-03-1972. 5.7 km. from Karaikal North.

Kurumbagaram :

Sri Lakshminarayanaperumal temple is the principal centre of worship where Vaikunta Ekadesi is celebrated with some measure of festivty. This village lies at a distance of 11.215 km from west of Karaikal.

Lord Saneeswarar Baghavan Temple, Thirunallar :

Sri Dharbaren-yeswaraswamy Devasthanam, Thirunallar is one of the famous Lord Siva temple in India. Thirunallar is 5 km. west of Karaikal in the bus route of Karaikal-Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam. This is an ancient Siva temple probably constructed in 7th Century A.D. Dharbarenyeswarar is the main deity and Lord Saturn, Sri Pranambigai, Sri Thiagarajar and Sri Vinayagar are other deities. The Saneeswarar temple of Sri Dharbarenyeswaraswamy Devasthanam attracts devotees not only from India but also from other Countries. Whoever visits this temple and prays before Lord Saneeswaran is believed to have been relieved of all the curses and sufferings and get the blessings of Lord for a happy and prosperous life. Ph : 04368-236530.

Nallambal :


12.3 km. from Karaikal on the Peralam road. Sri Tantonreeswarar temple ascribed to the Chola period is an important landmark in the village. The outer walls of the temple carry many inscriptions which do not appear to have been published so far. There are also a few exquisitely carved granite statues inthe temple.

Our Lady of Angel’s Church :


This is one of the architectural beauty of French culture. Our lady of Angel’s Church standing impressively on the Church street. In 1739 the Holy Angle’s Church was built by the French. The melodious ringing of the bells could be heard with in a radius of 5 kms. On 15th August every year that Catholic Church celebrates the “ Thetheravu Madha” (Mother who consoles the afflicted) festival when the statue of the blessed Virgin is taken out in procession. The church of Our Lady of Angels built in 1891 is the chief place of worship for catholics in the town. The Thetheravu madha festival is celebrated on the 15th August every year. The festival commences with the flag hoisting ceremony on the 6 th August. On the 10th day, the statue of the Blessed Virgin, mounted on a beautifully decorated car, is taken out in procession along the main streets surrounding the church.

Settur :

 (Agarasethur, Pandaravadai Sethur). 10.9 km. and 11.39 km. respectively from Karaikal-Peralam road. Sri Prathapasimmeswarar temple which may be ascribed to the xiii or xiv century is a notable landmark of Agara Settur village. There are chola inscriptions in Sri Egambareswarer temple at sethur Pandaravadai which is now a protected monument under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.

Sorarkkdi :

 7.8 km. from Karaikal. Sri Somanathaswamy temple and Sri Lakshminarayana perumal temple are two important landmarks of the village. The discovery of two bronze idols of antique value i.e. Sri Thiripurantaka of about 60 cm. height and Thiripurasundari of about 45 cm. height from Periathope near this village on 30-05-1971 seem to confirm its antiquity. the idols are now in the Pondicherry Museum.

Sri Kailasanathar Temple :

Kailasanathar temple is situated opposite to the Karaikal Ammaiyar Temple is one of the oldest temple in Karaikal town where in the Lord name is “Kailasanathar” and the goddess “Soundrambal”. The temple is believed to have been re-built in the Pallava period. The Shrine for Subramaniar facing west provides the entrance on the Bharathiar Road. This temple is situated near Karaikal Ammaiyar temple. It has four major entrances.

Sri Nithyakalyanaperumal Temple :

Sri Nithyakalyanaperumal temple is famous temple of Lord Vishnu where in the idol of Vishnu has been Carved in a Single stone in the lying posture which is known as “Ananthasayanam” just like Sri Rangam and it attracts the tourists/ pilgrims which is also located at Bharathiar Road. This temple is situated near Karaikal Ammaiyar temple. There are sanctums for Alamelu Thaayar and Aandal inside this temple.

Thirumalarjanpattinam :

 5.4.km. from Karaikal. The representative of the Vijayanagar ruler Thirumalairayan built this town and reigned. His inscriptions are found at Thiruvanaikkaval, Thanjavur, Papanasam and Pattichuram. Poet Kalamegham served as court poet.

Thiruvettakudi :

9.9 km. north of Karaikal. Sri Thirumeniazhagarswamy temple with its 45 feet tall gopuram is the most important landmark of the village. The presiding deity of the east facing temple is Lord Siva, known here as Sundareswarar and his consort Soundarya-nayagi. To the left of the prakaram is the shrine of Lord Ganesh and to the right are the shrines of Chandikeswarar, Durgai, Ayyanar, Soorya and Chandra. At the centre of the prakaram is the mahamandapam, fromw here one may have a view of the sanctum sanctorium of the Lord inthe form a Lingam. Behind the sanctum sanctorium may be seen the shrines of Lord Subramaniar, Punnaivana-nathar and Mahalakshmi.

Tourist Information Centre (DOT)
Karai kovilpathu, near bus stand, Karaikal - 609602. Ph : 04368-222177
Tourist Officer : 9442420380 \\ Tourist Guide : 9443773248

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