Theni Places of Interest

Andipatti :

Andipatti is a taluk headquarters, comprising a number of villages including small hamlets in the ghat section of Varushanad hill ranges. Handlooms, textiles are popular here.

Balasubramaniya Temple :

One of the important temples in Periyakulam is Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple. This was constructed by Rajendra Chola nearly 2000 years ago. Legend : Once king Rajendra Chola went for hunting in Agamalai near the banks of the Varaha river. There a pig was feeding milk to its young ones. The king unknowingly killed the pig. Seeing the hunger of the young pigs, Lord Muruga fed the piglets. King Rajendra Chola saw this amazing sight, and constructed this temple in memory of this Divine event. This temple is considered equal to Kasi. Since Brahma theertha runs in this river it is believed that any incurable disease is cured when we have a bath in this river water. The idol of Lord Muruga with six faces seems to have been pierced from the ground-under. Lord Muruga, seen here with his consorts, blesses all his devotees. The old name of Periyakulam is Kuzhanthai Maanagaram.

Bodinayakkanur :

It is also know as “The South Kashmir”. The City of Bodinayakanur is beautifully located in the foot hills of Western Ghats, Tamilnadu. It is a market place for cardamom, coffee, tea, pepper, and silkcotton. The city is also called as “Cardamom City” because of the large quantity of cardamom trade in this area. The people in this city speak Tamil language. But of late owing to immigrants from other states, there has been a discernible increase in the number of languages spoken in this city. Today several languages such as Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and other Indian languages are being spoken in the city. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the majority of the population. The weather is nice and moderate throughout the year. Bodinayakanur is also famous for its sweet and tasty water.

Bodi Medu :

A hill resort situated at a height of 4500 feet, a place of scenic splendour. It is 26 kms from Bodinayakkanur.

Cloud Land Falls (Chinna Suruli) :

Situated 54 kms from Theni near Kombaithozhu Village. This falls originate in the Megamalai - This is popularly known as Chinna Suruli.

Chinnamanur :


20 km from Theni. Formerly known as “Harikesarinallur” and it is mentioned in “Tholkappiam”. This municipal town is a business hub for the nearby villages. Weekly Shandy here is very popular. Sivagamiamman Temple located on the banks of the Mullai river is worth visiting.

Devadanapatti :

3 kms from Devadanapatti in Theni. Mini Bus & Share auto services available. The main shrine in Devadanapatti is Kamatchi Amman Temple. It is situated on the banks of the Manjal river. Important Festival : The important festival in Kamatchi Amman Temple are Masi Maham and Shivarathri, which falls in Feb-Mar.

Kamatchiamman Temple :

Devadhanapatti The temple Kamatchi Amman is situated 23 Km from Periyakulam. The festival is being celebrated during the tamil month “Vaikasi” .Special poojas will be performed every month on full moon day. The temple is about 200 years old. Periyakulam.

Kannagi Temple :

The shrine is located about seven km from Pazhiankudi in Theni district and had been within the limits of ward 21 of Gudalur Municipality, before Kerala made a claim to it. Cheran Chenguttuvan, the king of Kerala, had erected the temple for Kannagi at Vannathiparai and called it Mangaladevi Kannagi temple and performed regular pujas. Festival : Single day festivity during Chitra Pournami day is in the interstate border.


Suruli Falls


  1. Suruli Falls situated 8 Km from Kambam, 56 km from Theni of Western Ghats. When driving to the falls, you can see glorious views along side of the road. You can see many Grape Gardens and you can purchase fresh grapes there. Don’t miss to take the photos of the pure nature green.

  2. The Suruli Falls which falls from a height of 150 feet gathers into a pool, flows for a short distance and again plummets to a depth of 40 feet, offering a spectacular sight of nature’s raw and wild beauty.

  3. The dense forest that surround it provide an awesome backdrop. Facilities are available for men and women to bath separately in This falls.

  4. The special feature of the falls is that it is a round the year falls. However, the best season to visit is June - October, when the thickness of the water column is astounding.

  5. The beauty of this falls finds mention in Tamil Epic, Silappathikaram written by poet Ilango.

  6. Tourists visiting Thekkadi, the Vaigai dam and Kumbakarai falls did not fails to visit the Suruli falls near Cumbum.

  7. Kailasanathar Temple Cave is located near Suruli Falls. There are 18 caves in and around the Suruli falls.

  8. The Kailasanathar Cave Temple is situated 800 metres above the falls and has a spring, which possesses water of curative powers.


Kumbakarai Falls :

Situated at 9 Km from Periyakulam. The water originates in Kodaikanal Hills and flows along the rocks and finally reaches the foot hills. This place is called Kumbakarai. The travellers come here and take bath in the falls. The water flows throughout the year; but in rainy seasons the flow will be very heavy.


Mavoothu Vellapar Temple :

The main attraction in Mavoothu is the Vellappar Temple. This holy shrine is situated in the Varushanad hill ranges, 20 kms from Andipatti. Nestling among the hills, the temple is a top a peak, surrounded by natural vegetation. Transport is available upto the foothills only. This place has a perennial water source Curative Powers : It is believed that a ritual bath in the spring and eating food cooked in the water will cure the incurable of diseases. Puja Timings : 7.30 am to 8.30 am in the morning and 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm in the evening. Important Festivals : Adi Amavasya (Blue Moon) and Thai Amavasya are celebrated with gaiety. There is also an annual festival in the month of Chithirai.

Periyakulam :

Periyakulam is an important town in Theni District. It is situated 16 kms from Theni and located in the foothills of Kodaikkanal. Mangoes of this town are very popular. Mango is the largest harvest here, considered second only to Salem, and is exported to foreign countries. During summer the climate is cool at night, like Kodaikkanal. Periyakulam is connected with all major towns in Tamil Nadu by road.


Seran’s Fun Park :

4 km from Theni. An ideal place to spend time with your family and children. The park has children play area, video games, boat riding, an open air film show area and lazer light show and amusement activities. ‘Aqua cave’, an amazing aquarium with more than 100 rare varieties of fishes and sea species. Visit : 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Near By-pass junction, Periyakulam Rd, Ph:04546-252962.

Sothupparai Dam :

Sothupparai dam is located at 12 kms from Periyakulam. This dam is built across the Varaha river. It is a beautiful picnic spot. The wide expanse of stored water is an impressive sight.

Sri Saneeswaran Temple, Kuchanur

30 km from Theni Bus stand and 100 from Madurai. Saturn or Saneeswarar is the main deity worshipped in Kuchanur. The Temple is located at Kuchanoor near Chinnamanur of Theni District on the banks of main channel of River Surabhi. Adi Festival (Jul-Aug.) celebrated for five weeks. Also the Sani (Saturn) transit day is observed very devotionally occurring once in every two and half years. Time : 6am - 1pm & 4pm - 8pm. Bus facilities are available from Theni. The nearest railway stations are Theni.

Suruli falls-Abubacker Masthan Dargah :

is an important place of pilgrimage in Suruli. This is the place where the body of Abubacker Masthan is interned. This is very close to the cave temple of Kailasanathar. Abubacker was a Muslim mystic who lived around the 1630s.

The Kailasanathar Cave Temple :

It is situated 800 metres above the fall and has a spring, which possesses water of curative powers. The holy water from the water falls is said to cure several diseases. The Festivals during the months of Adi Thai and Chitrai are important ones. This hill has been mentioned in the epics like “Silappadikaram”.


Theertha Thotti :

8 km from Theni. This natural spring is located on the Madurai-Kochi national highway between Theni and Bodinayakkanur. Subramanya Temple here is a popular pilgrim centre. Temple Visit : 6 am to 1 pm & 3 to 8 pm.

Tiger Falls :

A dainty fall on the route to Munnar between Bodi and Bodimedu from Theni. This also a wonderful picnic spot.



Vaigai Dam :

Constructed across the river of Mullai near Andipatti village, 25 Km from Theni. The main source of water for irrigation in Madurai is from Vaigai. The Children park, Zoo etc. are fast developing areas at the dam site.




  1. Megamalai is located on the slopes of the Western Ghats, amidst the lush green Tea plantations and Cardamom estates. It is popularly called ‘High Wavy Mountains’. It is a cool and misty mountain range and lies at a distance of 130 km from Madurai.

  2. A perfect place for nature lovers, its altitude is 1,500 m above sea level. The vegetation of the Meghamalai hills includes scrub forests at the foothills, stretches of tea and coffee estates, spice plantations of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and the dense evergreen forest cover.


  3. Megamalai is also host to a wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies. The most commonly seen animals are Tiger, Leopard, Nilgiri Tahr, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Nilgiri Langur, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Common Langur, Bonnet Macaque, Sloth Bear, Grey Jungle Fowl, Smooth-Coated Otter and Flying Squirrel. Resident and migratory elephants can also be seen wandering in groups here.

  4. It is also an ideal place for bird watching. In the forests over 100 species of birds have been identified. The Meghamalai ranges are also the birth place of the Megamalai falls. Best time to visit : September to March.


GrapeCultivationsGrapes are the main produce of the district. Cumbum Valley is a major centre for Grape production with 4,000 small farmers producing over 90,000 tonnes of Muscat Grapes, know locally as “panneer dhrakshai” and about 10,000 tonnes of Thomson seedless grapes. The unique feature here is that the grapes are harvested throughout the year, while in most grape growing centres elsewhere the season ends with summer.



Veerapandi Gowmariamman Temple:

which is located here attracts many pilgrims. This 14th century temple was built by Pandya King Veerapandi. Pandya King is said to have regained his vision by praying to Gowmariyamman and Kanneeswaramudaiyar. Close by the temple, the perennial Mullai river runs its course. The temple is nearly 8 kms from Theni Bus stand. Ph : 04546-246242

Veerappa Ayyanar Statue :

The temple is situated 3 Km at Allina garam, 6 Km away from Theni. The temple is very famous in and around Theni. Every year the festival is celebrated on the “first day” of Tamil month of “Chitrai”


Velli Malai :

A dense forested place replete with natural flora and fauna is located 6.5 kms from Theni in the Varushanadu hill ranges. Vellimalai is famous for the Lord Murugan Temple called as “Bala Subramaniya Swamy Koil” located atop of the hill Vellimalai. The famous festivals of the temple are “Sasti Sura Samkaram”- killing of Suran, the demon leader by Lord Bala Subramaniya Swamy and Vaikasi Visakam. From the top of the hill the major part of the green Kanya Kumari District can be viewed, which will be a mind blowing experience for nature lovers.


Uthamapalayam :

Uthamapalayam has two old temples one dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sri Kaalahasthiishwara Swami temple, and the other one to Lord VishNu, Sri Narasimha Swami temple. Sri Kaalahasthishwara Swami temple is situated on the bank of river periyaaru, where it runs uththaravaahini (towards north), which is considered quite auspicious. It is amid of green paddy fields. It is said that one of the devotee here used to go to Kaalahasthi regularly. When he became old he was not able to go to Kaalahasthi to pray the Lord. So the God of Kaalahasthi appeared in this village to bless him. Hence the place is called Dhakshina Kaalahasthi or ThenKalathasthi. It is a history that three kings who ruled the nearby regions came to a war pact and started constructing the temple at this place. The temple also lodges some nice paintings belonging to Naayakkar dynasty. Sri Narasimha Swami temple is situated inside the town.

Tea estates and dams :

Highwavys is a view point that will afford a wonderful view of the entire mountains range of Varusanadu Hills. There few large private tea, spices and coffee plantations all around, notable include Highways estate (The Woodbriar Group), Ananda Plantations and Ponsiva Plantations have the largest holdings of plantations in Meghamalai, an artificial lake and plenty of scope for making leisurely walks. Six dams on the hill and originating place of Suruli Theertham (Suruli falls near Cumbum town) are popular attractions for tourists. From Manalar dam, one can view the deep Cumbum Valley and the villages of Theni district. The Department of Tourism has planned to introduce boat or ferry service to enable tourists to enjoy the pristine beauty of the hill.


The celebration of Gowmariyamman temple festival at Veerapandi during the month of May, Veerappa Ayyanar festival at Theni.

Kamatchi Amman festival at Devadhanapatti and Saneeswaran Temple festival at Kuchanoor are the most improtant festivals of the district.

Theni district is known for its brilliant celebration of Pongal, which is considered to be one of the most important festivals of Tamil Nadu. Pallavarayanpatti near to Uthamapalayam is very famous for its “Jallikattu” during the Pongal festival.

Another important festival is Chitra Pournami festival, which is celebrated at Sri Mangala Devi Kannagi temple, on the Western Ghats near Gudalur during the month of May.

The other most important festivals of the region are the festivals of Masi Maham and Shivarathri which are celebrated in the Kamatchi Amman Temple during the months of February-March.


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