Thiruchendur Places of Interest

Thiruchendur is a panchayat town in Thoothukudi district It is famous for the Murugan temple by the seashore.

It is well connected by rail and road. There is also an airport nearby at Tuticorin.

It 40 km far away from Tuticorin, 55 km far away from Tirunelveli, and 171 km far away from Madurai. Bus via is Aruppukootai, Ettiyapuram, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli. The town is connected to Tirunelveli by broad gauge train track.



Tiruchendur Murugan Temple

  1. Thousands of years back, Tamilans worshipped Nature as Muruku (a Tamil word meaning: ‘youthfulness, tenderness, fragrance, etc’). Temples were constructed in natural settings - around forests, hilly areas, waterfalls and seashores.

  2. Tiruchendur temple is one among them, but it has a special significance. It was here that Lord Murugan arrived with his band of warriors to fight against the Asura, Soorapadma. So a temple was constructed at Tiruchendur for Lord Murugan in rememberance of this.

  3. Near Tiruchendur temple, a small temple for Lord Vinayaga is also found. It is called Tundugai Vinayagar Temple. All devotees will first worship this Tundugai Vinayagar and then only worship Lord Murugan. In the temple, there are three prakarams.

  4. In the first prakaram (round), Siddhi Vinayaga Peruman Temple is situated. In this prakaram, if one moves towards west, on the farthest west there one can see 108 Sivalingas.

  5. These Sivalingas are called 108 Mahadevars. Then if one turns north, one can see a tall sized Vallapa Vinayagar facing west. After going to the north end, if one turns east, the Perumal Sannidhi is situated there.

  6. After reaching the Perumal Sannidhi end, if one turns south, one finds the copper Kodi Maram (Holy Flag mast). Kalyana Vinayagar is situated near Kodi Maram. Usually marriages take place near this sannidhi.

  7. Ph : 04639-242270.

Ayyanar Sunai :

It is 10 Kms from Tiruchendur. 40 Kms from Tirunelveli. A natural water gushes out from this spring throughout the year. A temple is dedicated to village deity Ayyanar. It has now been developed into a beautiful picnic centre. Nearby this spring one can admire the forest with send dunes. The Ayyanar is the family deity for many local people.

Kayalpattinam :

Situated between Thoothukudi and Tiruchendur on the State Highways. It is 30 km. from Thoothukudi Once it was famous port being only next to Korkai in 12th and 13th centuries. This small place is mostly inhabited by Muslims who, it is said, originally came from Arabia and worked for Pandya kings particularly in collecting pearls and chanks.

Kudhiraimoli - Theikuddierupu :

Karukkuvel Ayyanar temple is situated in the middle of dense forest in the Kudhiraimoli - Theikuddiruppu village near Kayaamoli. The sand dunes surrounding the temple looks like a fortress around the temple. Since Ayyanar descended from a tree called Karkuvaa and conducted many wonders he is described as Karkuvaa Ayyan. Five poojas are conducted regularly in this temple.

Kulasekarapattinam :

The temple 20 Kms from Tiruchendur is known for the popular ‘Dasara’ festival where folk dance artists from all over the state participate in the festival. It is a coastal village with a fine beach.

Manapadu :

18 Kms. from Tiruchendur. It is on the seashore at the Bay of Bengal. An ancient Roman Catholic Church is here where the Cross is said to have been brought from Jerusalem. This Church is also associated with St. Xavier, the famous missionary from West. Since there are other small Churches here in this place, it is called as “Chinna Jerusalem” (Small Jerusalem).

Mutharamman Temple

Located at Kulasekarapattinam 20 km from Tiruchendur. The temple has its humble origin initiated by the Viswakarma community of this village catering the aspirations of the local villagers when they began to celebrate Navarathiri festival. However the scale of celebration of dasara competes with that of Mysore notwithstanding the lack of endowment and it is patronised by the devotees on their own volition. The climax of the festivity is Vijayadhasami day when slaying of the demon Mahishasooran is performed by Devi Mutharamman on the shores ofthis village symbolising that Dharma up roots Adharma and it is witnessed by more than one million people.

St. Anthony’s Church :

Many villages on the fishery boast of a chapel in honour of St. Anthony, Manappadu is no exception in this respect. Paravaras have great devotion to St.Anthony. Rev.Fr.Lassus fully restored and rebuilt this church in Gothic style. Every Tuesday its doors are thrown.


Udangudi is a Panchayat town in Thoothukudi district. The village was once known for Vetrilai (betal leaves) and Karupatti. There are several temples for Mutharamman, Suadali Madan and Ayyanar temples around Udangudi. Some of the famous Ayyanar temples are Alli Oothu Kal Aal Ayyanar, Pon vandu Ayyanar, Arunjunai Katha ayyanr, vennimalai aiyyan sastha koil located around Udangudi. In around that so many Amman temples are located based on the people caste and religion based. They maintained and worshiped by that specific caste people.


Mutharamman Kovil ‘Kodai’ Festival

Kodai means “Charity”. This Kodai Festival is celebrated in order to thank our Goddess Mutharamman, for the wealth, which she had given to us. Celebrated during the Third Tuesday of the Tamil Month Aadi and will be celebrated takes three days including Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


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