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 Rockfort Uacchi Pillayar Temple

Rockfort Uacchi Pillayar Temple

  1. Rockfort or Ucchi Pillayar koil, is a combination of two famous 7th century Hindu temples, one dedicated to Lord Ganesh and the other dedicated to Lord Shiva, located atop a small rock in Trichi.

  2. Geologically the 83m high rock is said to be one of the oldest in the world, dating over 3 billion years ago, and
    mythologically this rock is the place where Lord Ganesh ran from King Vibishana, after establishing the Ranganathaswamy deity
    in Srirangam.

  3. The name rockfort comes from the fact that the place was used for military fortification first by the Vijayanagar
    emperors and later by the British during the Carnatic wars.

  4. The temple complex is composed of two parts - A shiva temple (Thayumanaswamy) carved in the middle of the rock
    and a Pillayar (Ganesh)temple at the top portion of the rock.

  5. The Shiva temple is the bigger one, housing a massive stone statue of Shiva in the form of Linga along with a
    separate sanctum for goddess Parvati.

  6. The temple is mystic in its nature with an awe-inspiring rock architecture.

  7. The Ganesh temple is much smaller with an access through steep steps carved on the rock and provides a stunning
    view of Trichi, Srirangam and the rivers Kaveri and Kollidam.

  8. Due to its ancient and impressive architecture created by the Pallavas, the temple is maintained by the Archaeological
    Department of India.

  9. Entrance Fee : Rs.2, Archani Rs.3, Camera Rs.100/-, Video Rs. 100/-.

  10. Ph : 0431-2704621


Amma Mandapam Ghat, Srirangam :

The banks of the river are the site of a series of ceremonies and rituals, as pilgrims bath for good fortune, priests pray for childbirth ,and mourners scatter ashes. Pilgrims come here to purify themselves before offering further pooja at the temple. Many ceremonies take place on the 10th day after death of the individual hindu.

Ayyappan Temple :

3 km from the Bus Stand, Located near the district court of Trichy, is a peaceful temple and attracts many people in all week days. This temple is famous for its discipline and neatness. Special pooja’s for unmarried, child expecting peoples. Open : 5 a.m. to 10.50 a.m. & 5 p.m. to 8.50 p.m.


Ayyanar Temple :

This temple is beautifully located on the banks of Cauveri river called Melur which is just 3 kms from Srirangam. Giant claymade horses adorn this temple.

Buddhism in Trichy Region :

Achraya Budha Duttha Mahathera born in Chola country also lived in Vurakaburam (Woraiyur) around 5 AD. He has written Madurathaivilasini and Abithavatharam in relation to his living in Tiruchirappalli and his works speaks in volumes about the greatnes of Chola country, Boothamangalam, Poompuhar etc. Six feet stone statue was found in Mangalam village in the Aravan temple. 15 kms north east of Musiri and 15 kms South west of Thuraiyur.

Government Museum :

Located on Bharathidasan Road. Bronze and stone sculptures are on display here. Open all days except Fridays. Time 10a.m. to 5p.m.. Entrance fee for Indians Adult Rs 5 Children Rs 3 Students Rs 2 Foreigners Rs. 100

Grand Anaicut - Kallanai :

Not far from the island is one of the greatest engineering marvels of India. The Grand Anaicut built by Karikal Cholan in the 2nd century A.D. to harness the waters of the cauveri. Made of stone, the dam is 329 m long and 20 m wide and still very much in use. Additions have been made in the form of a road bridge on top of the dam. This is a good picnic spot.

Gunaseelam :

24 kms from Trichy on the North bank of Cauvery River, in Tiruchirappalli-Musiri Road. There is a Vaishnavite Temple and the name of the God is Lord Prasanna Venkateshwarar. Gunaseelam Temple is a place for worship, festivals and also for mental relief or alleviation.

Koranganatha Temple, Srinivasanallur :

Koranganatha temple situated on the banks of the river Cauvery at Srinivasanallur about 50 kms from Tiruchy on the Tiruchy - Salem highway, has some of the finest early Chola stone sculptures and with good architecture. This heritage temple, declared as a monument by ASI, is not a living temple.

Kuranganathar temple

Nathirsha Dargah :

The dharga is the important holy place for muslims in Trichy. It was built more than 1000 years. A famous festival ‘urs’ is celebrated in the mosque. Devotees from many place visit this Dharga and belive that they get self satisfaction.Lourdes Church : This church is located near to Rock-Fort Teppakulam. Church of our Lady of Lourdes is the replica of the Basillica of Lourdes, the world famous place of pilgrimage in Southern France.

Nadhirsa Dargah

Lourdes Church :


8 km From the Bus Stand, This church is located near to Rock-Fort Teppakulam. Church of our Lady of Lourdes is the replica of the Basillica of Lourdes, the world famous place of pilgrimage in Southern France.

Erakudi - Sirunavallur, Granarey :

There is an ancient granary in this village. This was built for emergency storage,during the Nawab of Arcot period . This stacco granary has lot of fine sculptures.


Mukkombu (Upper Anaicut) :

18 kms from Trichy. At the head of the Srirangam Island, there is another dam called Upper Anaicut or Mukkombu which is about 685 m long. Constructed in the 19th century across Kollidam. This dam has been forced into three sections instead of one long stretch because of the shape of the island. This is also good spot for picnics.

Oomaiyan Kottai :

This is where captured rebels were imprisoned by the British. It was built in the year 1687 by King Sethupathi of Ramanathapuram. The Siva temple has some inscriptions of music. There are two shrines in the Vishnu temple, and one where the Lord is represented in a reclining posture is particulary remarkable as it is the largest of its kind in the country. On the walls behind the idol are beautiful carvings depicting Vishnu and the serpent Adisesha chasing away rakshasas (demons) by spewing fire and poison.

Pachamalai Hill Station :

Pachamalai is a green hill range, just 80 kms north of Tiruchirapalli via Thuraiyur. Pachai means Green and malai means mountain.Pachamalai which spread with a few ranges a heaven of the tribal of this region, with unique culture and way of life.It’s altitude is 500 m to 1000 above msl. This mountain range has in itself different small regions like then Para Nadu, kombainadu, Athi nadu and vannadu. It’s a good hill range for trekking to enjoy nature and the animal life. Small streams and falls add colour to these hills. Contact for Adventure Tourism and trekking in these hills from the District Forest Officer -Tiruchy Division. 3E, Kajamian 1 st Street, Kaja Nagar, Mannarpuram. Trichy - 20. Hill Skills- Trekking, Wild Life and Environment Club. Ph : 0431-2457284. 9443797851

Planetarium :

5 Kms from Trichy. Anna Science Centre/Planetarium is located on Pudukkottai Road, near Airport. Programmes in
Tamil and English versions are shown daily. Time : In Tamil 10.30a.m, 1.00p.m, and 3.30p.m. In English 11.45a.m., 2.15p.m. and 4.45p.m.
Ph : 0431-2331921.

Ponnaiyaru Dam :

Ponnaniyaru dam is situated south of Tiruchirappalli. It is 24 kms from Manapparai and 9 kms from Vaiyampatti.Ponnaniyaru dam is built across perumal malai and Chemmalai . This dam site is an ideal place for excursion. Short Treks in the nearby hillock- Environment Camps - Nature Cure centers - Fishing (in season) - Forest Rest House available ( Food stuffs to carry) Wild Life: Snakes, Birds, Bears, Bats.

Prasanna Venkatasalapathi Temple, Thuraiyur :

Arulmigu Prasanna Venkatachalapathi temple lies at the top of Perumalmalai that lies 960 feet above ground level in pachaimalai hills, 3 km from Thuraiyur in Tiruchirappalli district. This temple is said to be constructed by the grand son of Karikal Chozhan. The kings are later named as Karuppannar and Veeraswamy and are worshipped in the temple .Musical pillars are seen here. The stone sculptures of ten avathars of Lord Vishnu are here. The Goddess here is named as Alamelumangai Thayar. All the Saturdays of Tamil month of ‘puratasi’ (Sep-Oct ) are celebrated in a grand manner, during which time more number of pilgrims are visiting this temple .Hundreds of devotees are taking part in the
Girivalam procession around the Perumalmalai hillock on all full-moon days.

Puliancholai :


72 kms from Trichy. a place of scenic beauty. This forest area is cool and green with the added attraction of the small water falls and a stream. Puliancholai is a beautiful place for one day excursion.

Ragavendrar Mutt-Srirangam :

Ragavendra temple at Ragavendra Mutt lies at Srirangam .The life of the saint has been displayed here by paintings.

Ramakrishna Mutt Thiru-pparaithurai :

It has been started during 1949 by respected Ramaswamy Adikal. During 1950 ,The Primary School for the Orphan and later upgraded as High School. Only boys who's having no parents are admitted Gurugulam Method is practised. Any time of the year from First Std To Eight Std admission is being made. Nearly 300 children are studying. Poor and down trodden children are given free food and shelter with good education including imperative training in technical skills in making garland. The philosophy of Ramakrishna and his disciple Vivekananda are projected here.

ramakrishna mutt


Rock Fort :

The rock is one of the oldest in the world-approximately 3,800 million years, which makes it as old as the rocks of Greenland and older than the Himalayas. 344 steps hewn out of rock lead to the top where there are inscriptions dating back to the 3rd century B.C. The fort played an important part during the Carnatic wars and according to an inscription, mainly contributed to lay the foundations of the British empire in India. A flight of steps leads to the Mathrubutheswarar. Ph : 0431-2704621.

Samayapuram :

Just 20 kms north of Tiruchirappalli town. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, hundreds of devotees throng the temple and perform Poojas. The offerings are in various forms. The most common offering is the Mavilakku Mavu made of jaggery, rice flour, dhal and ghee. Samayapuram is an important pilgrim center for all village people of this region. Car festival (April- May) and Flower festival/ Poochorithal (Feb-March) are very famous in this temple along with the festivals during Vaikasi (Pancha Prahara Urchavam and Thai Poosam festival associated with the Renganathar at Srirangam. Ph : 2670460. Fax: 2670557. The associated temple named Ujjaini Om Kaliyamman at Magalikudi lies at 500 m. It is said that the king Vikramathithan who ruled Ujjain prayed the deity and took holy bath in the Sakthitheertham perennial well here. Full moon days and new moon days are pious days here.

St. Joseph’s Church :

This church built in 1812 has louvred doors which open to convert it into an airy pavillion and is located near the Theppakulam.

Subramaniya Temple, Vayaloor :

Arulmigu Subramaniyaswami Temple lies at Kumara Vayaloor, 12 kms from Tiruchirappalli, near Kuzhumani, the village with lush green fields .It is one of the famous Lord Karthic temples of this area. The Kandar sasti festival during October - November, is celebrated in a grand manner for lord Muruga here. The presiding deities are named as Adinathar and Adinayaki. During all Sastis (6th day from New/ Full moon day) Karthigai Deepam, Thaipoosam, Panguni Uthiram, Full moon days ,first day of English and Tamil New years thousands of devotees are visiting this temple. It is well connected by bus from Tiruchirappalli town. Contact for further details : Ph : 2607344.

Thayumanaswami temple :

Dedicated to Lord Siva where the lingam is a projection of the rock itself. Below the Siva temple are two Pallava cave temples that have beautiful sculputres of the 6th and 7th centuries. At the foot of the Rock Fort is a tank and a pavilion which are used during the float festival of the temples. Near the tank is the house where Robert Clive lived. The fine sculpures and bronzes of various periods are the attractive items of the Musuem. Open on all days except Mondays and Government Holidays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Ph : 0431-2704621.


Srirangam :

7 kms from Trichy. The district’s most important pilgrim centre in Trichy. Srirangam, surrounded by the waters of river Cauveri on one side and its tributary Kollidam on the other, is a 600 acre island-town enclosed within the seven walls of the gigantic Sri Ranganathaswami Temple. There are 21 gopurams, among which the Rajagopuram is the largest in South Asia.The 72m high 13-tiered gopuram was built in 1987 and dominates the landscape for miles around, while the remaining 20 gopurams were built between the 14th and 17th centuries. Originally, there was just a small shrine where the temple is today, but it was added on to and expanded by the Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas, Hoysalas, the Vijayanagar Kings and Nayaks of Madurai and today Srirangam stands as the biggest temple complex in the country. Ph : 0431-2432246.

Thiruvellarai :

Sri Pandareekesha Perumal Temple, at Thiruvellarai, 25 kms away from Tiruchirappalli town, is very ancient and it is the foremost of the 108 Divya Desams sanctified by the songs rendered by Azhwars. Manga lasasanam has been made to this shrine by Periazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar.


Thiruvanaikkaval (Jambu) :

5 kms from Trichy. Sri Jambukeshwara Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and has five concentric walls and seven gopurams. It is built around a Siva Lingam partly submerged in water that comes from a spring in the sanctum sanctorum. Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple. The complex was built at the same time when Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple was also built. open daily between 6 am to 1 pm & between 4pm to 9.30 pm. Ph : 0431-2230257


This is the second of the two Sthalams in Tiruchirappalli, the first being the Rock Fort Temple. Woraiyur was the ancient capital of the early Cholas and the ancient city is believed to have been destroyed by a sand storm. Pugazh Chola Nayanar and Kochenkancholan were born here, as was Tiruppaanaazhwar. Woraiyur is also known as Kozhima nagaram as legend holds that a fowl blessed with divine powers defeated an elephant in an duel. Go Chenkan Cholan the builder of 78 Maadakkovils is said to have born here. Ph : 0431-2761869.

Uthamar Koil :

Uthamar Koil in Karumbanur is one of the most famous shrines in 108 Vaishnavik Padal shtalam. This temple is situated eight kilometres North of Trichy Fort Station, 4 km North of Srirangam railway station. Here is the temple where the Lord Creator - Brahma, the lord for the well being of the universe - Vishnu and the destroyer of universe - Siva take their abode. This place is also known as " Kadambavanam" or "Trimurthishektram".

Vekkaliamman Temple :

Located around 15 km from the Bus stand. Woraiur was once the capital of the Cholas. The Vekkaliamman unique temple is having no roof for the presiding deity, the reason being the Goddess here has saved the people here from the Sand-rain and turbulent wind showered at this place by the curse of the Lord Siva here on the request of the pious devotee saint Sarama Munivar. She said that she will have the roofing only when all the people of this town gets the same. One shrine devoted to Lord “Pongusani” is worth to mention. It lies not far from Nachiyar Kovil and Panchavarneswarar temple.

‘Nadigaivel’ M.R. RADHA Memorial


MRRadhaM.R. RADHA (Mohan Rajagopala Naidu Radhakrishnan) Born on 21-02-1907. Died on 17-09-1979. Popularly known as M. R. Radha, was an Indian actor and politician. He was given the title of “Nadigavel” for his acting prowess. After a successful career on stage in his early years, he acted in films from the 1930s to the ’70s, and then, giving up films, he went back to his first love, theater.

His memorial was inaugurated on 21-07-1985 by the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Hon. M. Karunanidi and Mr. K. Veeramani. His memorial is located in Tiruchirappalli district at 1/154, Sangaliandapuram, Trichy - 1. 6 km from the Bus stand.


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