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 Srivilliputhur Temple

srivilliputhur temple

  1. The city was originally named on its founders, Villi and Kandan, forming the word Thiru-Villi-Puttur. “Thiru” is the Tamil salutation and it is interchanable with its Sanskrit equivalent - “Sri”. Thus, the city can be called by both “Srivilliputtur” and “Thiruvilliputtur”.

  2. The primary landmark of Srivilliputtur is 12-tiered tower structure dedicated to the Lord of Srivilliputtur, known as Vatapatrasayee.

  3. The tower of this temple rises 192 feet high and is the official symbol of the Government of Tamilnadu. It is said to have been built by Periyaazhvar, the father-in-law of the Lord, with a purse of gold that he won in debates held in the palace of Pandya King Vallabhadeva.

  4. Another wonder in Srivilliputtur is Chariot which runs on Adi Puram. Srivilliputhur is well known for its ancient heritage and devotional contributions.

  5. The goddess Andal (an avatar of Booma devi) took birth in this place and she had a pure love on Lord Vishnu and wished to marry him. Andal, of her pure devotion and Love, wrote & sung Thiruppavai on lord Vishnu in the winter season (Tamil month - Margali). She got married & melted with Lord Vishnu.

  6. The important festivals of Srivilliputhur are Car Festival (Ther Thiruvizha) which happens on the birthday of SRI ANDAL - in the months of July - August. The month of Margali (Dec - Jan) is very special here. Sri Andal marriage (Thiru Kalyanam) is also celebrated with enthusiasm.

  7. This temple gopuram is the official symbol of Tamilnadu Government.

  8. Ph : 04563-260254.

Arul Migu Thirumeni Nadha Swamy Temple:

This is situated on the State Highways of Srivilliputur to Parthipanur. This temple is ten of the Pandiya’s Thalam out of fourteen in Tamil Nadu.

Aruppukkottai :

Aruppukkottai is a renowned weaving centre. Both handloom and powerloom weaving are undertaken. In the handloom sector both silk and cotton sarees are woven. The powerloom units weave towels, sarees, lungis, bedsheets and bedcovers. Units for spinning yarn as well as units for dyeing yarn have been established here.

temple sculture of meenakshi thirukalyanam

Arul Migu Thirumeni Nadha Swamy Temple :

It is situated on the State Highways of Srivilliputur to Parthipanur. This temple is ten of the Pandiya’s Thalam out of fourteen in Tamil Nadu. This temple has 9 kinds of Theerthas and 8 kinds of lingas.

suvaloganathaswamy temple

Ayyanar falls :ayyanar falls

12 Kms from Rajapalayam. It is situated in the dense forest under the western ghats with its natural beauty and the small waterfalls dropping from a height of 15 feet, adds attraction. Tourist must get prior permission from the forest department to enter into the forest. Ayyanar temple and Sivananda Paramahamsar Ashram which is very popular as a picnic centre in the forest. Elachi and Coffee estates are located here.

Alagarkoil Valley :

The forests of Alagarkoil valley in Srivilliputur taluk and Saduragiri are known for rare medicinal plants. The medicinal value of 275 plants has been recorded and reported. The forests host a rich variety of orchids and ferns.

Bhuminathaswamy Temple :

Tiruchuli is located on the southern bank of Gundar. The Bhuminathaswamy temple at Tiruchuli is counted among the 14 famous Shaiva centers in Pandya Nadu. It is located 40 Km. East from Virudhunagar, 45 Km South from Madurai. Name of God is Bhuminathar, Goddess is Thunaimalai Amman. Its deity has been venerated in the hymns sung by Shaivite Nayanar Sundaramoorthy and Sekkilar. The temple has undergone extensive renovations and the present complex accommodates a number of shrines built over time within the high boundary walls constructed during the reign of Muthuramalinga Setupati.

Nalla Thangal


rajakottaiStory of Brother and Sister Affection : It is a story of brother and sister affection. People believe it happened in 17th century. In Virudhunagar District, near Vathirappu there was a place called Rajakottai. It was ruled over by Nalla Thambi and his brothers. They had one sister called Nalla Thangal. She was married to Kasi Rajan who was the ruler of Mana Madurai. Once Famine struck Nana Madurai. It was very hard to live there. So Nalla Thangal started for Rajakottai with her seven children. When she reached there her brother had gone to the forest for hunting. His wife Alankari ill treated Nalla Thangal. So she left the house and jumped into a well with her children. When Nalla Thambi returned from the forest he knew the matter and decided to kill Alankari and her relatives. On a fixed day he arranged for a dinner to Alankari’s relatives. All of a sudden the dinner hall fell down. It was Nalla Thambi’s trick. Later he also committed suicide. It shows his love for her sister. To day people worshipped this place as temple.Location: in the village Vathirappu is situated 18 kms north west of Srivilliputhur and 72 kms south east of Madurai is connected by bus routes from Srivilliputhur and Madurai.


Guhanparai :

On the way to Kalugumalai from Vembakkottai. A small hillock to the west of the village is called Guhanparai and the village takes on the same nomenclature. There is a small natural cavern at the foot of the hillock, which is believed to have been used as a shelter by Jain monks. A 10th century AD Vatteluttu inscription on a rock of the hillock states that a monastery Munnurru- varperumpalli was established in the name of Munnurruvar kovilpillaigal.

irukkamgudi temple

Irukkangudi :

Located to the east of Sattur, at the confluence of the Arjuna nadi and the Vaippar. The Panguni Uttiram is an important festival celebrated in the month of Panguni for 21 days.

Kullursandai Reservoir :

The Kullursandai reservoir on the Kowsiga mahanadi, a tributary of the Arjuna nadi, is being developed into a picnic spot. Boating facilities are offered at the reservoir which also attracts numerous water birds in the months of August to February.

Kamaraj’s House :

kamaraj's house

The house where the great leader Kamaraj and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was born has been converted into a memorial. The rooms are adorned with photographs of the leader at every stage of his life. A few of his clothes, his watch as well as articles used by him are displayed.

Pallimadam :

Pallimadam is situated on the outskirts of Tiruchuli on the eastern bank of the river Gundar. Sundara Pandya, a 10th century AD Pandya ruler, famous for his erudition, died while visiting Pallimadam. He was buried there and his younger brother Vira Pandya (AD 946-966) erected a sculptural shrine (pallipadai) over his grave. The temple was known as Pallippadai Sundara Pandya Isvaramudayar koil.

Kamarajar - “King Maker”


kamarajarNative of Virudhunagar, he was called ‘Perunthalaivar’ by the people of Tamilnadu. Even his early days he joined the Congress Party and involved himself in the war of independence. He was the disciple of Gandhiji. In 1937 he was elected for Tamilnadu Assembly, in 1952 he was elected to the Parliament. He introduced Noon Meal Scheme in Tamilnadu and opened a number of single teacher schools in nook and corner of Tamilnadu. When he was the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu he drew a plan and appealed the leaders to step down from the post and to work for the welfare of party. He took the pride of making Lalbahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi as Prime Ministers in 1964. In 1969 when the congress party became divided into two, he stood in the opposite line of Indira Gandhi. Till the end of his life it struggled for the uplift of the downtrodden. Born on 15.07.1903. Died on 2.10.1975


Parasakthi Mariamman Koil :

The Mariamman temple in the town was constructed in 1923. The Panguni Uttiram, celebrated in Tamil month of Panguni for 21 days at this temple, is the main festival of the town and its surrounding.

Pilavakkal Dam :

The Pilavakkal dam on the river has two sections the Periyar dam and the Kovilar dam. The areas surrounding the dam Site have been landscaped into beautiful gardens. Facilities like boating are offered to tourists. This is an ideal picnic spot.

Rajapalayam :

It is derived from the word Raja’s Tamil synonym for Raja and palayam in Tamil a ‘contonment’ or fort. There are spinning mills, power loom factories, waste cotton plant, wood screw factory, surgical cotton, plaster of paris, bolt and nail,insulated electrical goods, cycle spare parts, sugar-cane crusher rolls, saw mills, electrical motor manufacturing and etc.

Sathuragiri Temple

Sivamalai is called as Sathura Giri, Sathurachalam, Siddhar Boomi and Mooligai Malai near srivllipurthur in Virudhu Nagar District. There are two temples in the hill: Sri Sundara Mahalinga Swamy Temple and Sri Santhana Mahalinga Swamy Temple. One more sanctum of lord Siva is also there in the top of the hill which is called as “Periya Mahalingam”.During full moon and new moon days devotee visit the temple. The new moon during the moth of July, August (Aadi Amavasai) attracts about 10 to 15 lakh devotees.Pooja Timings: Daily poojas start by 6’O clock is the morning and finish before 18.00 hours.Location: Situated 5 kms from Watrap; 70 kms from Madurai; Bus service is available from watrap and Srivilliputhur Ph : 9443179891 To Contact at Chennai – Parveen Travels Ph : 044-28191000, 42146304

saverier churchSanjeevi Hills :

Sanjeevi Hills is situated in Rajapalayam on the way to Chatrapatti. The calm and serene ambience makes it a favorite spot for tourists. Tradition recounts that in order to save the unconscious Lakshmana, Hanuman, the monkey god carried the entire Sanjeevi Hill with the herbal plants to Sri Lanka and threw it away afterwards. It is said that the thrown down hill is the Sanjeevi Hills.

Saverier Church :

The Francis - Association took back intrust to built a grand Church in honour of the Saint Francis. This divine church was open to public on 03-03-2003. The structure depicts on one side Hindu God Srikrishna riding on chariot driven by seven horses, the back side is in the shape of half moon depicting the sign of Islam.

Ramana Maharishi Ashram :

Sri Ramana Maharishi was born on 30.12.1879 in Thiruchuli. His mother was Tmt Azhagammal and father was Thiru. Sundaram Iyer. He lived in the house of ‘Sundara Mandhiram”. He studied in Sethupathi Primary School. An ashram was established in 1988 on the banks of the river Gundar to propagate his teachings.


An important industrial town. It is famous for Lithographic and Offset Printing, Match and Fire works industries. Next to Sivakasi lithographic and offset printing is done only in Bombay. In and around town, there is a group of fireworks manufacturing units, manufacturing crackers, sparkers, chakkrams.



Sivanmalai is called as Chathura Giri, Chathurachalam, Siddhar Bhoomi,Mooligai Malai (Vanam) etc., is situated near Srivilliputhur. 100 Km from Tirunelveli and 70 Km from Madurai. As the name speaks, the mountain is mentioned as “South Kailash” (Thenkailayam), Bhoologa Kailayam as Lord Shiva and Parvathy have promised the Siddhars that they will stay here permanently and visit other places only from here. There are two temples in the hill Sri Sundara Mahalinga Swamy Temple and Sri Santhana  Mahalinga Swamy Temple. One more sanctum of Lord Siva is also there in the top of the hill which is called as “Periya Mahalingam” (Big Mahalingam). This is worshipped by Siddhars and only those who are destined to see it will be able to go there. The Akasha Ganga (river) which flows from above the Santhana Mahalingam temple, separates the two temples in to two sides of the banks. The distance between these two temple is hardly 15 minutes walk. Temples Timings and Festivals : At Santhana MahalingamTemple the daily pooja starts by 3 a.m. Sundara Mahalingam temple the daily pooja starts by 6 a.m. At both the temples Ardha Jama Poojas are finished before 6 p.m. On full moon and new moon days, the time schedule changes according to the visit of pilgrims. The new moon during the month of July-August (Aadi Amavasai) attracts about 10 to 15 lacs devotees who come there to have the darshan of the Lord Mahalingam. Contact : 9443179891.


Srivilliputhur :

Srivilliputhur 74 km from Virudhunagar. Sri Andal is a great Vaishnavite saint and her pasurams are popular in Tamil nadu. The temple belongs to the 18th century A.D. testified by the inscriptions in it. Thirumalai Naick of Madurai and his sister have made intensive additions to the temple. The characteristic feature of the temple is 192 feet high tower which has 12 store’s. The massive wooden car which is several centuries old, has 9 huge is wheels. Ph : 04563 260254.

Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife :srivilliputhur grizzled squirrel wildlife

45 Kms off Virudhunagar town, the sanctuary has a composition of dry deciduous forests with patterns of tropical evergreen, semi evergreen forests, moist mixed deciduous forests and grass lands. Grizzled Giant Squirrels are abound. Other interesting species are flying Squirrel, Tree shrew, Elephant, Lion-tailed Macaque, Nilgiri Tahr,Macaque, Nilgiri Tahr, Mouse Deer, Barking deer, and many a species of birds. This sanctuary can be visited all through the year.

Sattur :

Sattur is known for its fire works and match industries. For name sake there is a dry river, Vaippar River in Sattur.Sattur is rich in black soil. It is good for cotton cultivation. So small scale textile industries are famous in and around Sattur.Transport facilities are in good condition. The town lies in national high ways and good railway connectivity.Sattur is the first town gain popularity for the foundation of Pen Nib manufacturing industries. For so long it was the only place in India where pen nibs were manufactured. Not only this, Sattur also has many other small scale cottage industries like match industry, printing press, fire works.

Shenbagathope Grizlled Squirrel Sanctuary:

96 km from Tirunelveli. 75 km from Madurai. A wildlife sanctuary, spread over 480 sq.kms. at Shenbagathopu. Over 100 species of birds have been identified. The sanctuary is located 86 kms. from Madurai. The best time to visit the sanctuary are throughout the year except for the months of March, April and May.

Tiruchuli :

Tiruchuli is 15 km to the east of Aruppukkottai and is considered to be a very holy place and is the birth place of Sri Ramana Maharishi who is considered to be the most revered saint in the recent years. The place also has a rich Saivite temple which is one of the oldest ones in South India and the god in this temple is even worshipped by most of the popular 63 Saivites in Tamil Nadu. This place is admired by persons who are pious, religious and also who would love seclusion for meditation and chants in the name of god. There is also a Ramana ashram on the banks of the river.

Tiruthangal :

Tiruthangal is located on the road from Virudhunagar to Sivakasi. Three Sangam age poets - Mudakkorranar,Porkollan Vennahanar and Athireyan Sengannanar were said to have lived at Tiruthangal.

Vembakottai :

The Reservoir System receives water from 7 distributaries of the Vaippar. These streams originate in the eastern slopes of the Western ghats.

birth place of sri ramana maharishi ashram


mariamman and sachi innachiar koilFestivals in Virudhunagar

Pongal, Adiperukku, Karthigai Deepam, Temple Car festival, Chithirai and Brahmostsavam are the chief festivals celebrated in the district. Brahmostsavam is celebrated during the Tamil month of Adi. The temple has a massive car (Ther) with a decorated height of 75 feet.

Mariamman and Sachi Innachiar koil festivals
in Sattur taluk and VaikasiVisakham in Srivilliputur are the famous festivals of this district.

Iyanar koil festival, Vailukanthamman koil festival, perumal koil festival, weekly fair, Panguni Pongal, Kalangada Kanniamman festival, Kannicheri Pudur fair, Koil Pongal, Muthalamman festival, Sundara Mahalingafestival, Purattasi Pongal festival, Peria Mariamman Koil Teekkuzhi, ThaiPongal 'Adi Thiru' and Mullai Kottai Mariamman Koil festival.


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